Post Processing

We take further step to improve appearance and functionality

There are some post-processing techniques include sanding, polishing, painting, and assembly to enhance the surface finish part. It improve strength or durability and add additional features or details.


Remove visible layer lines and improve the overall appearance of printed parts using industrial grade abrasive product.


Add colour or texture to printed parts using air brush method. Ensure finished products presented in best visual appearance.


We taking care of attaching multiple printed parts together to create a larger object if necessary or adding additional hardware such as screws or bolts to enhance realibility.

What we do

Surface Sanding

Providing variety grit of sanding and wet sanding. Ensure smooth surface with profession tools and care.


High precision and versatile airbrushing method to archive best finishing.


Taking care the work of assembly and build with experience and patience. Let us do the hassle work.

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