FDM | Fused Deposition Modeling


Industrial Standard FDM Printing Production

FDM 3D Print essentially a most popular 3D print technology. It function by a method of extrude material through nozzle to form a 3D Object.

Speedy Fast

Most of the print can be done within half to 1 day.

Build Volumn

FDM allow print up to 45cm height in single object. Unlock alot potential when design and production.


FDM accept variety material that able to produce base on client requirement.

What we do


Highly common in 3D printing prototypes, toys, and other when high strength or durability is not reqired. Perfect choice for anyone looking to create high-quality 3D prints with ease. It is environmentally friendly and affordable.


PETG is strong and durable than PLA, making it ideal for functional parts that require good impact resistance and toughness. It is a very versatile and durable 3D printing material that offers good strength, chemical resistance, and flexibility. Great choice for 3D objects that need durability and functional performance


TPU come in high elastic and flexible, an ideal material for applications that require good impact resistance and shock absorption. It also resistant to tearing than other flexible materials, and has good abrasion resistance.


Nothing beat ABS when come to strong and durable plastic. It is commonly use for industrial functional parts, such as machinery and automotive parts, electronic housings. It is also used in the manufacturing of injection-molded parts.

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