SLA | Stereolithography


SLA uses photopolymer resins, which are liquid polymers that harden during exposing to UV.

This technology is a powerful method for creating highly detailed and accurate printed parts and is widely used in industries of healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing.


High level of fine details and precise accuracy.


SLA able to create high complex or delicate parts in single print process.


Come in wide range of material that suitable to industrial standard like Nylon, ABS and transparent resin.


SLA method can produce smooth surface and avoid almost all post-processing.

What we do

Standard PLA Resin

The best choice for normal prototyping project. High precision and able to produce complex parts.

ABS Like Resin

A well-suited for creating functional parts or prototypes that need to hold against stress, impact, heat and chemicals, which makes it a perfect choice for creating parts for real world usage.

Flexible Nylon Resin

This material has a high level of durability against bend and flex repeatedly. Often used in applications such as automotive, aerospace, and medical devices where flexibility and durability are crucial.

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